Amazing Tips to Keep Your Sofa in Kingston upon Thames Clean 29Apr 2015

Regular use causes upholstery to look dated and if you have kids around in your home in Kingston upon Thames then stains are inevitable. Your sofa can change the look of your living room; it can look dull and tired. However, it is not so difficult to make your sofa look refurbished and welcoming. A bit of dusting and care can ensure that your sofa makes those family gatherings more memorable. Read on to discover some awesome tips on how to maintain upholstery and keep it looking as good as new.

•    Buy the right cleaning product
Make it a point to read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. It is recommended to use the products mentioned on the instruction manual. This is where many home makers in Kingston upon Thames, KT1 make a mistake; they buy cleaning products off the shelf without checking if they are suitable for the fabric in question.

•    Regular care
Cushions tend to lose their volume over time. To avoid this, plump and turn the cushions every few days. This helps to maintain the shape of the cushion. Regular plumping will allow the cushions to last longer.

•    Simple dusting
Dust the upholstery weekly with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment during the routine house cleaning you do in your home in the KT2 area. Make sure that you vacuum under the cushions and the hard to reach corners. Avoid brushing the upholstery as you would risk damaging the fabric.

•    Wash them clean
One of the best practises for sofa cleaning is to place removable sofa covers in the washing machine for a thorough wash. But ensure that you clean all the loose covers at the same time to prevent variations in colour. Don’t forget to check washing instructions that will be attached to the loose cover. Some of these fabrics may require hand wash, especially if they are too delicate to be put into the washing machine.

•    Cleaning spills
It’s not just kids who spill juice onto the sofa; adults also often end up staining upholstery with accidental food and drinks spills. The very first thing to do in such an instance is to blot the excess immediately. Avoid rubbing the spill into the fabric, instead blot it and then sprinkle some water and diluted detergent on that area. Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off the detergent and water. If your sofa has removable upholstery then rinse the affected area by holding it under running water, use mild detergent if required.

•    Caring for leather upholstery
You can buy leather cleaning wipes from any departmental store in the KT1 region. Use these wipes for sofa cleaning every 7 to 10 days.  You can also vacuum your sofa at low setting, ensuring that you are not harming the leather. Keep the leather sofa away from any heat source, this will help in avoiding cracking and creases in the leather. If your leather upholstery is light coloured, be wary of the fact that fast coloured clothing can cause discolouration, especially wet clothing.

•    Call in the cleaners
It is best to call in sofa cleaning or upholstery cleaning agencies in Kingston upon Thames to get your upholstery cleaned every 6 to 12 months. The professional cleaners will help you maintain the fabric and reinstate the upholstery to its former glory.

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