Bizarre Ways In Which You Can Clean Your House in Camden 12Dec 2013

There are plenty of strange ways to clean your house in Camden, some more successful than others, but often, the best way to get your house cleaned in a natural and cost efficient way, is to use strange ingredients, like lemon, vinegar, olive oil, baking soda, salt and many other foodstuffs and house hold objects to clean with. It saves you going to the shops to buy expensive cleaners, and will mean that you are contributing to a more natural world, free from harmful chemicals. Such chemicals can be harmful to your children as well, so if you are concerned by the amount of dangerous toxins in your home, this list is for you! The following are some guides to getting started with getting the house cleaned with less obvious methods!

In the bathroom, you will likely find that getting rid of certain patches of limescale is really difficult because of the angles of the areas that it collects on. If this is the case, tape a bag full of vinegar round the tap, and give it a good slosh about, so that the tap is covered in vinegar. Leave the bag in place overnight, and in the morning, the acid in the vinegar will have eaten away at the limescale, loosening it from the metal. You should find that the loosened limescale comes off pretty easily, and that you can get a great shine from the tap very quickly. The same goes for the clogged head of a shower in your bathroom in Camden, NW1! You can screw it off and leave it in a bowl of hot vinegar over night. In the morning it will be good as new!

Pouring a litre of coca cola down the toilet and leaving it for half an hour before scrubbing and flushing should get rid of any stains on the porcelain, and will generally freshen the bowl up. You can also make a paste from baking soda and cola to scrub onto the grouting between tiles that will get it looking white again. That is, if it was white originally...

If your kettle looks all gross inside, then it is likely full of limescale. You can’t get rid of this very easily by scrubbing, as it is difficult to get your hand in! If you want to cut through the limescale, put a few chunks of lemon in the kettle and boil it up with some water. Leave the mixture in there overnight, and you should hopefully be able to rinse most of the much out afterwards! There is a similar method for the microwave; putting some lemon juice and hot water in a cup, then heating it for a minute on high in the microwave will leave the inside of the microwave easy to simply wipe clean. The acid will evaporate onto the surfaces and cut through the grease! Scrubbing the inside of an oven will be a lot less work if you use bicarbonate of soda, otherwise known as baking powder! Make a paste with water, and add some vinegar or lemon for de-greasing qualities!

You can use lemon and vinegar to degrease many things in your home in the N1 area, they even combine to make a great surface cleaner. You can add water to make a gentle solution, or use it neat to get the best results for your house cleaning in Camden. The combination may smell pretty strong however. Talking of strong smells, why not put baking soda in a bowl in the fridge, to absorb the stench that can accumulate from spilled food? The same technique can be done in any room, even with vinegar!

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