Expert Advice On Keeping Your Kitchen in Kensington Clean 18Sep 2014

In most homes in Kensington, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is where the food is made, it is where the family always ends up running into each other and if you’ve got a little space adjacent to the kitchen it is probably where you all take your meals together. You can tell a lot about a household by the state of its kitchen, and so keeping your kitchen clean is no ordinary task. A lot of experts advise hiring cleaning agencies a couple of times a year to deep clean the kitchen. However, apart from this you should definitely clean the kitchen regularly to keep your home happy and healthy. In this article we’ve got some great advice from professional cleaners on how you can keep the kitchen clean.

Tip 1: Clean The Surfaces Regularly
Kitchen surfaces are some of the first parts of your house in Kensington, W8 to get grimy, and they are usually the dirtiest. Given the very nature of a kitchen- with all the cooking and baking and whatnot- there are lots of fumes and smoke and grease, which is just natural in this environment. That said, these elements can combine and build up to leave layers and layers of grime and dirt, which you can only tackle with frequent kitchen cleaning. Wipe the different kitchen surfaces every couple of days using a sponge or a damp cloth. For a better clean you can use a mild dishwashing liquid or detergent solution, but make sure you rinse all the surfaces afterwards and let them dry properly. This includes your kitchen flooring, the wall tiles, the counters etc.

Tip 2: Use Cleaning Ingredients From Around The Kitchen
A great house cleaning tip that all cleaning companies in the SW7 area swear by is using ingredients and products from around the house. The next time you are reaching for that bottle of vinegar, take a moment to appreciate that it isn’t just the great tangy flavour you love in your food- it’s also a great cleaning agent! A solution of vinegar in water can be used to scrub tiles and vinyl floors. Or baking soda dissolved in water can make a great cleaning paste. You would be surprised to learn just how many kitchen ingredients can double up as kitchen cleaning supplies.  

Tip 3: Clean Appliances Frequently
The pro cleaners recommend cleaning appliances frequently. If you don’t have time to wipe them down daily, at least do it a couple of times a week. From the smaller appliances (such as the mixer-grinder) that you use and wash to the bigger stuff, like your oven, a regular wiping and scrubbing routine is very important to keep dirt and germs from building up. At the end of each day you’ll notice that just about everything will be a little dusty and so, frequent cleaning is a must.

Tip 4: Deep Clean Appliances Every 3 Months
While regular cleaning and wiping of appliances is great for keeping them running smoothly, you must also deep clean all the appliances and gadgets in the kitchen. While you should ideally do so every month, we know that that is not feasible. Cleaning contractors in Kensington recommend deep cleaning your appliances at least every three months. Take some time out for refrigerator or oven cleaning, give your microwave a good scrub and make sure your cooking unit/ stove are spotless. Not only will this make your kitchen look better and promote better standards of health in the house (because it directly affects the food you’re eating), it will also improve the functioning of your appliances which means you are going to be saving money on repairs, replacements and electric consumption!

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