Five Tips For Keeping Your Bedroom in Swiss Cottage Clean and Tidy (With Minimal Effort) 15Jul 2015

Whether you are a child, a teenager, a student or an adult in Swiss Cottage, there is one thing that stays consistent throughout your life. You have to clean your bedroom and you just don’t want to.
The bedroom is a sacred place, a venue for sleep, relaxation and losing hours to peace and tranquillity. Who would want to break up that beautiful combination by having to clean?
But without cleaning your bedroom, those moments of serenity will lose their appeal, who can relax when they are surrounded by dirty plates, dirty clothes and dirty carpets? Here are five top tips for keeping your bedroom clean without losing any more time than is necessary.

1.    Pets
If you have pets, you know that between smells, mess and stray fur, they like to remind you that they’ve been around. The easiest way to stop this from happening in your bedroom in Swiss Cottage, NW3 is to keep your pets out of it. But if it’s too late for that, a lint roller on the carpet, bed and surface three times a week will keep your bedroom free of fur. Oil burners are an excellent way to remove unwanted pet odours and choose exactly how you want your bedroom to smell. Lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang are popular choices to aid with sleeping, (the latter has been known to cause headaches for some so be careful).

2.    Streamline
A two times a year job that can make a huge difference to the state of your bedroom in NW6, streamlining is difficult for some, but worthy for all.  We all have too many clothes, too many things we claim are mementos despite not being able to remember what they are memntos of. We are a breed of hoarders, break free from these chains and throw out or give away your unwanted items. It will leave more space in your bedroom than you could imagine

3.    Sheets
A simple one, granted, but the most important part of bedroom cleaning. Nothing feels better than clean sheets, you will have the finest sleep you possibly can as long as you make sure your sheets in Swiss Cottage are always fresh and clean. Change your sheets at least weekly if not more.

4.    Organise
For many of us, a floordrobe constitutes an organised bedroom environment. But if you want that nice, clean feeling in your bedroom, then you need to organise more than your clothes. Everything needs to have its place, down to the smallest piece of jewellery or decoration.
Write a checklist for yourself, make an inventory of everything in your bedroom, assign places to all of it, and then make sure everything is put in its place after use every time.
Aside from cupboards and drawers, there are a variety of ingenious storage solutions in NW3 that a brief scan of the internet will introduce you to.

5.    The weekly clean
We all knew it had to come down to this, these two words can be the scariest in the English language, especially in a room where your nice comfy bed is so close.
Start with your surfaces, if you are sticking to step four then you shouldn’t have to declutter before cleaning your surfaces in Swiss Cottage, dust and polish every shelf, table and cupboard and take a glass cleaner to your windows and mirrors.
Changing the sheets is covered, you’re not plagued by pet hair, so all you need to do now is hoover your carpets.

Cleaning the bedroom weekly is a chore for us all, but if you follow steps one to four, then you will be surprised how quickly you will get step five out of the way every week. Leaving you time to relax in your pristine bedroom.

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