Five Ways to Remove Red Wine 19 February 2015

Even if you’re not a big red wine drinker yourself, you are bound to end up having someone over who enjoys drinking it. There is something about the dark liquid that always ends up getting spilt in places it’s not supposed to, a new sofa, a cream carpet or one of your favorite tops. Don’t panic, here are some tips for that emergency spill.

1.    Carpet cleaning. If your carpet has taken the brunt of the spill then use a paper towel first to try and blot up some of the liquid. Work from the outside in and blot instead of scrubbing as this will rub the stain in more. Mix about a table spoon of vinegar, with a table spoon of liquid dish soap into two cups of water. This is your cleaning solution, use it on a cloth to begin to dab up the red wine, apply the blotting technique as before. Use a clean cloth to dry and your stain will be gone. You may have to alternate between the cloth with the solution and the dry cloth a few times to see the results.

2.    Sofa cleaning. You may not want to get your sofa too wet as it can take a long time to dry, but if you have found that that your Merlot has slipped in and dried then you can try using shaving cream. Work the shaving cream into the stain and then rinse with warm water. If you have a removable cover, then wash as normal. You can also try making a paste with baking soda and water, leaving it on the stain for ten minutes and then washing off.

3.    Kitchen cleaning. So how about if you have put the glass down and it has left a ring on one of your favorite surfaces. If then stain has gone onto a granite surface then the best thing to do is use a little rubbing alcohol. This can work for many types of stains in the kitchen, just put the alcohol on a cloth and gently run over the stain until it is removed. If red wine has slipped onto a wood table then try to deal with it straight away by dabbing with a damp cloth. If your stain has dried then use a little ammonia if you have access to it, or baking soda and water. Rub the stain afterwards with a little furniture polish that’s suitable for the kind of wood you are dealing with.

4.    Upholstery cleaning. Let’s face it, it can happen. You just know that if you have a great pair of new curtains and a bottle of red wine that the two of them will somehow meet. Try blotting the mark dry and then spreading some Talcum powder over the stain, flour will also work. Leave for a few minutes. Add a small drop of vinegar and then brush the powder or flower off. Use a little liquid detergent if the stain is still visible and then wash with warm water.

5.    Call in the big guns. Professional cleaners often have the equipment and chemicals available to deal with stains such as red wine and other tough to handle liquids. It might be best to talk to cleaning agencies if you have a really bad stain that won’t budge. They can provide you with advice on how they can help you and give you a good quote to suit your budget. Also if you have removable fabric then it will be worth taking it to the dry cleaners who also know a thing or two on removing tough stains.

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