How Not To Clean Your Windows in Putney 04Jul 2014

It’s easy to make mistakes when cleaning your windows in Putney. With so many old wives tales about good window cleaning, and with so many products on the market, finding the right tricks, tips and techniques for window cleaning can be a bit of a nightmare! Lots of us are cleaning our windows in the wrong manner, leaving us with streaky, dirty and water-stained windows that can really age our homes. If you want the cleanest windows possible then here are some techniques that you should definitely avoid!

1)    Never use boiling water.
Lots of people assume that boiling water makes a great addition to your cleaning needs simply because it will kill bacteria. Although boiling water can be useful for other cleaning jobs in your home in Putney, SW15, you should never use water that’s too hot when it comes to window cleaning. Use warm water with a cleaning agent in it that’s not going to be too harsh on your skin whilst you’re cleaning, your window frames or the glass in your windows!

2)    Make sure you have the right equipment.
You can’t expect to get sparklingly clean windows if you don’t have the right items to get the job done! You should have a bucket that’s used specifically for window-cleaning, so that it doesn’t get contaminated with other cleaning agents, as well as a whole host of cleaning agents that will work for both your glass and your frames. You might also want to invest in a window wiper, which will cut-down on streaks and leave your windows looking professionally clean.

3)    Only ever use clean cleaning items.
Everyone has sponges and cloths in their home, but if you don’t use ones that are thoroughly clean then you could just end up spreading more bacteria around your home. Keep all of your sponges and cloths in the best condition possible and remember to replace them regularly!

4)    Finding the right cleaning agent for you.
There are lots of different products and items that you can use to clean your windows in the SW18 region. From lemon juice to white vinegar, from branded products to discount buys, window-cleaning products are everywhere. It’s more about the technique than the product itself, but try to invest in a product that seems to agree with you. Read online reviews and ask for recommendations of good window-cleaning products.

5)    Scrubbing or buffing.
One of the biggest mistakes to make when cleaning windows is to buff or scrub at them. This will leave your windows looking streaky and unclean, so make sure this is something you never do! Instead, start at the top and work your way down with loose “S” shaped motions to reveal sparklingly clean windows. Never spray a product onto the window to clean it – instead mix with warm water and use a damp sponge or cloth.

6)    How not to clean your window frames.
Your windows frames in your home in Putney also need regular cleaning. Use a warm damp sponge and try a cleaning agent if you want a thorough clean. Always put a towel down to avoid creating puddles that you could slip on! Your window frames can be scrubbed, so don’t worry about putting in the elbow grease to get them looking their best! Try using an antibacterial spray that’s definitely safe for your window frames to get them looking cleaner than you’ve ever seen them before!

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