How To Clean Rugs in Pimlico Effectively 03Feb 2014

Dirty looking rugs are never a nice feature in a home in Pimlico! Over time you may find that the rugs around your home being to show signs of ‘use’ mainly because of general wear and tear from house guests and visitors walking over them after being outside, and sometimes due to accidental spills, it’s bound to happen!
But rugs do not come cheap! Some brands are extremely expensive and replacing them every few months it’s just too costly, for most!

So what can we do, to keep our rugs looking fresh and clean, without spending a fortune in Pimlico, SW1? Follow our simple guide and learn the ticks of the trade. Firstly rugs are a necessity, they save the carpet underneath which is great for ensuring carpets will last longer and the longer the carpet lasts the better for us, financially!

Also, rugs can be used as non-slip surfaces particular in kitchens or by doors, and more commonly they are placed near fires or central in a living room to add some feature and also warmth when they are covering cold laminate or wooden floors. Because rugs are so useful they are bound to feel the brunt of every day to day activities, you may get people wiping their feet on them, if it’s a door rug, or sitting on them whilst eating and drinking in the living room, this can lead to lead to a build up grime overtime and eventually, it will become noticeable.

Instead of then going out and spending more cash on replacing those rugs, only having to repeat this process again in a few months time, it may be worth your while and more beneficial to learn how to clean a rug thoroughly instead!

A clean rug can make a huge difference to the look of a room, here’s what you do:

Firstly invest in a carpet cleaning machine and some special carpet washer detergent, if you feel this is unnecessary you may wish to hire a cleaning company to come in, every so often, and to do it for instead! You could hire professional cleaners to clean your carpets, rugs and sofas in one go, if you like? Some people feel this is only necessary once a year and they try to maintain it in-between.

Many people will opt to hire cleaners to come in a do a thorough clean of their rented property in the W1 area, as they are about to vacate, to ensure that their initial deposit is refunded. Or landlords will hire them to clean up a home before renting because professional cleaners do a remarkable job of making a place look new and smell fresher.

The correct tools for the job ensure that a greater result is achieved, however if the stains and marks are only minor you may wish to tackle it yourself by hand. You can do this by purchasing some simple foam carpet solution from most DIY stores and supermarkets in Pimlico. Apply the product to the area in need and allow it to soak into the dirt, especially if it’s a stubborn stain that has been present for quite some time. Soaking the stain with solution gives the product chance to works it’s magic and helps to lift stubborn stain which are deep within the pile.

Next use a gentle circular motion and work the product into the area and around it, try not to scrub too hard as you could damage the pile of the rug. Always test a small area of the rug, prior to putting the solution to ensure that the product is not harmful to its texture and will not colour run of fade the shading of the rug. Once the stain is removed, blot away any excess moisture and allow to dry and voila, there you have it!

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