How to Handle House Cleaning in Canary Wharf Efficiently 18May 2015

We all like to live in a nice clean house. Unfortunately there are no house cleaning fairies or magic tricks to keep your house in Canary Wharf looking neat and tidy. It is usually only when we have a social event or a guest staying at our house that we realise we need a full house clean. So here are some tips to help you improve you efficiency along the way.

1)    Room to Room Cleaning House
Work from top down always; so top floors first moving through and down your house in Canary Wharf, E14, top to bottom in each room and then try to complete all tasks in one room before moving on. Circle around each room starting at one side and moving around ensures that nothing is missed and the room is cleaned in the quickest time possible. Pick out the dirtiest part of the room and leave this until last. For example, in a kitchen this would be the oven. It usually gets the most grease and build-up and leaving oven cleaning last prevents you from spreading this all around the kitchen and making more work for yourself. When cleaning bedrooms, start by making the bed. When the bed is made it will automatically look a lot tidier.

Cleaning and Dusting2)  More Is Less
Most chores will take you less than ten minutes, so if you try to do small chores throughout the day it will not turn into a mammoth cleaning mission. So as soon as the refuse is full, take it out, don’t continue to pile it high. When the children are in the bath, use this opportunity to whizz around the bathroom sink and toilet, wiping out the bath when they are done – two chores in one, children bathed and room clean! Buy yourself a squeegee – this is the best tool for clearing crummy worktops or stairs and acts as a dustpan brush. It’s grippy and also is able to get into smaller areas in your home in the E1 area compared to a brush.

3) Other Handy HintsCleaning Oven
Always remove outdoor shoes near your front door and provide alternative footwear if required in your home in E14. This stops messes from outside being carried around your home and reduces cleaning time. Keep a handy bucket. Put all your cleaning supplies in here and when you start your household cleaning take this to every room with you. By doing so you will always have what you need to hand. This will save time going back and forth looking for the correct equipment or product. Make sure you have baking soda and vegetable oil handy. When mixed one part oil, two parts baking soda, it becomes an abrasive cleaner excellent for the kitchen cleaning in grimy places that you can never clean properly. Use a toothbrush to apply it to hard to reach places and scrub, wash off with a mild washing up liquid and water mix and you will be surprised at how clean the area becomes. Use an old pillowcase if you want to clean a ceiling fan. This is super easy and involves hardly any work. Put the old pillowcase over the fan blade and give it a jiggle. When you slide the pillow case off all the dust remains in the case and not on your face and you will have a super clean fan blade.

Cleaning Products4) If All Else Fails
If you cannot cope with the magnitude of constant cleaning then it can be a good strategy to employ a cleaning service based in Canary Wharf. Many of these professional cleaners will do a deep clean or a regular contracted smaller clean so that you can carry on with your normal routine and the majority of the cleaning can be done for you.

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