How To Remove Glue From A Carpet in Battersea 04Apr 2014

Carpet cleaning in Battersea can be a tricky business. With so many potential stains and spillages, finding the right solution to your cleaning can be tough. But one of the toughest things to remove from any carpet is glue. As something which is designed to hold tightly onto a substance and not let go, spilling glue on a carpet can be the start of an ongoing annoyance and can be very difficult to remove without hiring professional cleaners. However, for those who wish to attempt the removal themselves, read on to discover the best ways to remove glue from a carpet.

The majority of glues which you will have around the home, especially the less strong ones, will be water based. These are the types of glue which one might find in school, so if you have children who are sticking pieces of paper together for a school project or something similar, this is typically the type of glue which they will be using. Thankfully, as these types are less powerful, they can be far easier to remove from carpets or upholstery. So if you believe that you might be in need of some glue based rug cleaning, then it could well be that you are praying that it is a water based glue.

Before you begin the process, it is sensible to gather together all of the individual parts which you will be needing in order to get the glue out of the carpet. In these instances, you can purchase specialised products which are designed to remove the substance but these can often be expensive and can be difficult to find in the SW8 area. Instead, try this simple household solution which uses white vinegar and a colourless soap.

Apply the vinegar to the affected area and allow it to saturate and soak into the section of the carpet in your home in Battersea, SW11 which has been affected by the glue. This should mean that the sticky substance becomes softened and can be removed far easier than it might otherwise have been. Next, take a small amount of soap and massage it into the affected area. Use a brush in order to work the solution into the carpet. Finally, use warm water in order to rinse the affected area and dab and blot at it with a dry cloth in other to remove all of the soap residue and the water. The glue should now be gone.

For those instances where the glue was not water based (such as wood glues or those found in plastic modelling kits) you might need to try something a bit stronger. These types of glue are normally designed to provide a great degree of binding, meaning that they might be a bit more difficult to remove when it comes to your carpet. In order to try and get rid of these kinds of spills, you will be needing some paint thinner and some acetone.

You can use the acetone (or even some colourless nail polish remover which often contains acetone) to dab at the affected area of carpet. Try and cover as much of the glue as possible, but there is no need to overuse the solution. Once it has been applied, then allow it to soak for about five minutes. This should be enough time for the glue to begin to break down. Next simply, rinse and scrub with warm water as you did in the above, water-based glue solution. After the area has dried, check to see if the glue remains. If it does, repeat the process using paint thinner. If this does not have the required effect, then you may need to call in the professionals.

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