Keep Your Landlord Happy - Tips For Hiring An End Of Lease Cleaner in Hampstead 15May 2014

The end of a tenancy can be fraught with a certain amount of tension in Hampstead as you try to get the place looking as good as possible, to ensure that you do not lose any of your deposit. The fact of the matter is that the only way that you can ensure that the place is properly clean and ready for inspection by the estate agent or the land lord, is to get a professional cleaner in. Selecting the right cleaner Fr. The job can be a little tricky, so have a look over the following tips to see where you may be able to make things easier for yourself...

1.    Ask around your friends and family in the area. If you have never used a cleaner at the house in Hampstead, NW3 then it is important that you ask those that you know for recommendations on who to use. A recommendation from a friend is a very valuable thing, as it will mean that you are confident of the source of the recommendation. If your friend has tried and tested the company, then you know that they can be relied on, and that will be a great way to ensure that you are confident of the candidate.

2.    Look around for quotes. Do not just settle for the first company that you find, as that will restrict the likelihood of finding a good deal on your end of tenancy cleaning in the NW3 region. You will often find that there are a great many companies and individuals out the who are keen to bargain with you in order to get the business. You can use this competition to your advantage, pitting prices against each other, and ensuring that you get a great deal over all.

3.    Read the fine print. You may well find at the last minute that certain jobs are not included in the price that you have set, or the hourly rate that is in place. You need to know exactly what the product that you are paying for is, and in this case that means ensuring that the whole house will be cleaned properly in the time that you have arranged with the cleaners themselves. Do not risk the job being done badly in favor of a lower price. Be sure that you are getting what you need for the price that you can pay, and do not accept anything else.

4.    If your place is in a bit of a state, or you still have junk and furniture to clear out, then you can hire a dedicated end of lease cleaner, to do a full sweep of the place. You will need to pay a premium for this service, but you will find that it means that you basically take what you want form the place, and then they come in and clear the rest out, leaving the rented property looking spotless. If you are extremely busy, or need to leave early then this can be very useful, and you will no doubt need to book such a service. If you do need an end of lease deep clean in Hampstead, then you should book it well in advance to ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting them on the day that you need.

5.    The more that you can do to make the cleaning easier for the cleaners the less you will have to pay, if they are working on an hourly basis. You will likely find that putting ground sheets down whilst doing works and painting will reduce their cleaning time as well...

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