Some Office Cleaning Will Smarten Up Your Work Space in Bromley 23Jun 2015

Your office in Bromley is not just somewhere you hang out from nine to five. It’s where you work, conduct business, make money, meet clients and put your business acumen to use during the working week. So why would you want to do all of this and spend most of your time in a cluttered up, messy office space? If you have dust hanging from the ceiling and coating your filing cabinets, documents piled high from desk to ceiling or if you have food and drink stains due to spending lunch at your desk, it’s never too late to do something about it. After all, a clean and clear work environment makes for a clean and clear mind, so get cleaning!

1.    Clean the entrance area.
When people come to visit you in your office in the BR1 area, the first place that they’ll see is the entrance area. Since first impressions are paramount, it’s vitally important that you keep this area in top condition. If you have any sofas, do some sofa cleaning to get rid of any dust and dirt. Clean the upholstery by gently wiping with a damp cloth. Wet wipes are a fantastic, cheap and easy way to tackle upholstery cleaning; pull the material tight before giving it a wipe. If you notice any stains, don’t be tempted to try and rub them away, because chances are that you’ll just be scrubbing the dirt or stain deeper into the upholstery material. Buy some specialist upholstery cleaners and products, or alternatively use some products from the kitchen. Use some white vinegar to remove surface stains, then gently wipe with a soapy water solution to give it a good clean. Carpet cleaning can be tackled pretty much the same way. Get yourself a powder cleaner, then follow the instructions. Vacuum once dry.

2.    Eliminate dust from your office.
Extendable dusters and a soft clean cloth are all you need to get rid of dust from your office in Bromley, BR2. Start by getting rid of dust from your ceiling. Use your extendable duster to reach up and wipe down and light fittings and surrounding areas. Next, wipe the tops of filing cabinets. Don’t forget to clean behind the filing cabinets, and wipe away any dust or cobwebs that may be lurking in the shadows. For your office equipment such as computers, printers etc., dust using a clean dry cloth. These items may be particularly dirty, since it’s likely you may have had lunch at your desk on more than one occasion. Bacteria may be breeding on your keyboard, so it’s well worth getting yourself a packet of antibacterial wipes, and keeping a few spare in your desk if you ever need to wipe up some food or a drink spill.

3.    Get rid of piles of paper documents.
Do away with paper files and documents and store everything electronically. By doing this, you won’t have to use those large grey unsightly filing cabinets that take up half your office space in BR1, and you can clear away items from your desk, transforming your office into a more spacious environment in which to work.

4.    De-clutter!
Go through your desk and filing cabinets in Bromley and get rid of anything you no longer need. If you commit to working and storing documents electronically, you’ll create a lot more space.

5.    Call up a cleaning company.
If you’ve got a heavy workload or just can’t face the prospect of having to clean your office, then call up a cleaning agency. Do your research, call up different cleaning companies, get a few price quotes, then pick your best choice and hire a cleaning service to suit your needs.

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