A Step by Step Guide to Window Cleaning in Roehampton 03Jun 2015

Cleaning windows is such a dreaded chore when home cleaning in Roehampton that has most of us trying to procrastinate the task, until we reach a point when no further delay is possible. Finally, when we get down to cleaning the windows, it seems like an uphill task that just keeps getting more difficult with each passing second. Interestingly, cleaning windows is not as difficult as we make the chore out to be. There is no need to call in professional cleaners to clean your windows at home or office. It merely requires a proper method and a handful of materials easily available at your friendly neighbourhood store to get clean windows similar to those done by cleaning services.

Cleaning agencies in Roehampton, SW15 strongly advise against the use of wadded pieces of newspaper or paper towels to scrub windows after spraying a generous amount of spray cleaner. This merely creates a static charge in the glass and attracts more dirt! Instead, mix a few drops of dishwashing fluid in water to make your own super cleaner. Use this to scrub dirt from windows using a window scrubber. This liquid cleans the glass gently without leaving any scratches behind. In fact, using squeegees to clean your windows requires much less effort to keep the windows at your office and house clean!

Equipment and Materials needed for Cleaning Windows
A bucket, a squeegee (10-12 inches), dishwashing soap or liquid, a scrubber, a lint free towel and a washed and dried piece of chamois are all the materials needed to clean windows whether you do it yourself or employ a cleaning agency.
Some tips for easy window cleaning are given below.

Steps to Clean a Picture Window
1.    Make your own super cleaner as described above. Use this to scrub dirt from windows in SW14 using a window scrubber. Using this liquid cleans will ensure there are no scratches left behind.
2.    The next step requires a squeegee. Start at one end of the window and work on till the other end without stopping. For larger windows make multiple passes starting at the top and working your way down the bottom without stopping.
3.    Using a lint free towel, dry the leftover water or washing solution from the edges of the glass. Old napkins made of linen or cotton diapers work just as well.
4.    Any leftover water should be soaked up using damp chamois. This will ensure that streaks are not left behind on the glass.

Steps to Clean a Divided or Multi-Paned Light Window
1.    Remember to use a squeegee the size of the panes. Alternatively, try using a hog-bristled brush or a handheld sponge, preferably natural.
2.    The steps remain the same. You could try using the squeegee and towel in tandem as the window panes are smaller in size. This saves time and also gives a more seamless finish.

Tips for Easy Window Cleaning
•    Make sure you clean all equipment used for the process. Also replace all equipment and materials to their original places in SW13.
•    Buy good quality equipment for window cleaning, particularly the squeegee, and be sure to always have a few replacement blades or rubbers in stock.
•    Replace the blade if it gets sliced, nicked or rounded over from constant use. Also replace the blade if it leaves streaks while cleaning.
•    Add a few drops of windshield solution if water starts freezing in the cold weather.
•    Scrubbers are best for large and medium panes while sponges work well with smaller window panes. The final choice, however, is yours.

Cleaning contractors sometimes offer great deals on house cleaning, kitchen and office cleaning services in Roehampton, do if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can easily hire an agency to do it for you.

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