Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    The service was very efficiently organized and professional. Everything appeared clean and orderly after completion.  
Adam Marshall 11/06/2024
    We couldn't have asked for better assistance and gladly left them a well-deserved tip as a token of our appreciation.  
William A22/05/2024
    This cleaning company has become an essential part of maintaining my home's cleanliness. Their cleaner is fantastic - reliable, affable, and diligent.  
Clara N.16/04/2024
    Her resourceful nature enables her to handle any mess with skill and efficiency.  
Boris Keir 21/03/2024
    What an amazing time we had with Clean Gutters Company yesterday! The individual who showed up was fantastic and did an exceptional job on our carpets, which needed some serious attention.  
Linda Alexander11/03/2024
    Your efforts do not go unnoticed, thank you once again, cleaners.  
    This team's efficiency and willingness to assist are exceptional.  
V. Alford14/02/2024
    Say goodbye to overpriced cleaning companies and hello to Clean Gutters's unbeatable rates and efficient services.  
Evan Long04/02/2024
    Thanks to CleanGutters's efficient and thorough work on our second end-of-tenancy clean, we were able to receive our complete deposit back without any issues.  
Nicola T.25/01/2024
    Always on time, exuding confidence and adeptness. Presented a friendly and amiable demeanor. Utilized attentive listening techniques to assist us in identifying our necessities.  
Lola P.15/01/2024
    The team Cleaning Services sent to me yesterday did an outstanding job on my kitchen, it's almost too good to be true! They were incredibly credentialed and had an admirable work rate for sure.  
Antonia S.01/03/2023
    The cleaners from CleanGutters did an amazing job, and I got my deposit back in full at the end of tenancy. Their deep cleaning service is highly recommended, and I would refer them to my friends and family. Thank You.   
    The cleaners at London Cleaning Company did a top-notch upholstery cleaning service for our two-bedroom apartment. The team was very professional, and their cleaning service was outstanding. Thank you for your service.   
    The service from Cleaning Company London is excellent and very thorough. They offered a house cleaning service at my mom's place, and she was pleased with their service.   
    I had an easy and wonderful experience with London Cleaning Company. Their home cleaning service is unmatched. I highly recommend their service.   
    Clean Gutters is an excellent cleaning company. They offer quick and top-notch service. I love your cleaners.   
     Cleaning Services has extremely efficient customer service. I had requested for cleaning service, and the cleaners turned up earlier before the stipulated time. Thank you.   
    My house feels new. The crew was on time, friendly, fast, and careful with my furniture and equipment. I've used other cleaning services, but in my opinion, it cannot get any better than with Cleaning Company.  
    My mum is elderly and can't do house cleaning. I hired your affordable cleaning company for her home. Mum's happy as a lark now, with a clean house and she says it smells so good! Thanks!  
Melanie Crawford03/07/2019
    Nice cleaners, who do a very good job. Their rates are very fair, and they are very flexible with their appointments which I appreciate. Thanks Cleaning Company London.  
    The cleaners from Cleaning Company London were truly amazing. I didn't think it was possible to do such a massive amount of work in such a short space of time. I'm pleased to say they proved me wrong.  
Haley W.09/10/2018
    I can't thank their cleaners enough. They were exceptional from start to finish. I'd most certainly recommend Guttering Services due to their cleaning staff alone.  
J. Riley27/02/2018
     Cleaning Company London help me out once a week with domestic cleaning and I can honestly say I don't know what I'd do without them. Now instead of having to spend evenings and weekends cleaning, I just do a quick too up and I'm done. It's a really great service.  
Mandip Hussain22/01/2018
    It's not often you get cheap cleaners and good quality service, but Clean Gutters are one of the few who do offer this and I'm glad I booked with them.  
Toni Rometta13/12/2017
    If only I'd come across Guttering Services sooner! Their cleaners could've saved me a great deal of hassle over the years.  
Dennis L.20/11/2017
    The cleaners I hired were obviously experts. Their expertise were evident when they came around to my property. I was pleasantly surprised, because considering the low amount I paid, I wasn't expecting to receive such a service. Both the price and the service exceeded my expectations. Great job London Cleaning Company!  
Sonia J.21/08/2017
     Guttering Services stays very busy year-round, and they deserve it. When they come in to clean my property, there is not a spot of dirt to be found. They always meet my schedule.  
    There is nothing better than when you can work with a cleaning service provider whose services are available at affordable costs. For this reason, Cleaning Company London are my reliable destination for whenever I require cleaning services.  
E. Smith01/06/2017
    Nothing negative to say about Cleaning Services except maybe wishing I had more properties they could make sparkle. Fabulous cleaning company!!  
    Excellent cleaning service! Clean Gutters Company definitely know what they are doing. And the best part is - their prices are budget-friendly!  
K. Bowles10/03/2017
    Have never used better cleaners in my whole life! Clean Gutters delivered a cheap and quality service!  
    Used their house cleaning service and got amazing results. The team of Cleaning Company London were fast, efficient and courteous. And the cost of the job was quite affordable!  
K. Whit16/01/2017
    The best cleaning company in London! Would highly recommend London Cleaning Company!  
Sarah M.14/12/2016
    Chose Guttering Services for a one-off clean and never regretted it!  
T. Price10/11/2016
    After a big party at home Guttering Services sent out a team of cleaners to clean up. They did a pretty good job for such a low priced service; the place actually looked even better than it did before the party.  
Jenny Rogers 28/10/2016
    I found an ugly stain on my sofa left by my naughty dog the other day. I couldn't remove it myself and called in CleanGutters to do it. Their furniture cleaning service was top notch, I have no complaints whatsoever.  
Roger K.28/09/2016
     Clean Gutters Company was my company of choice when I needed help with the home cleaning. Their services are quite affordable and their work is excellent and thorough. Huge thanks for the help!  
     Guttering Services provided me with a first class gutter cleaning service yesterday and I'd like to say how impressed I was with their service - it was outstanding! My gutters have never looked so tidy. Yes, it's that clean! All in all, it was a great investment in my opinion and has made life so much better for me. I'm absolutely thrilled.  
Amy Walker21/04/2016
    I have 3 young children and work, so it is difficult to find time to do all of the housework. I think having a professional gutter cleaner has really helped us as a family. It gives me more time to spend with the family. London Cleaning Company's services really don't break the bank either so we can really afford the extra hand without having to worry about money. I thought gutter cleaners were only for the rich and famous but I'm glad that everyday families can afford these brilliant services too!  
Sharon Baker 15/03/2016
    I'd definitely recommend Cleaning Services for anyone who struggles with their own gutter cleaning jobs. I have two young children, and although I love them to bits they can make it hard to find the time to deal with my own cleaning needs. I didn't really know what to expect when I landed on the ad for this company, but I must say I've been extremely impressed! For the price they charge, you won't believe how fast, thorough and professional they are. Everything was carried out as I requested, and I've felt so much more relaxed having my gutters cleaned!  
Wendy P.17/11/2015
    I contacted Clean Gutters for their gutter cleaning service after a friend recommended it to me. I was happy with the price, and they cleaned my gutters to perfection. It was almost like having a brand new home! I'd use this service again and would recommend!  
Nathan F.14/10/2015
     London Cleaning Company did a really good job at cleaning our gutters before we moved out. As students, we really needed our deposit back, but we didn't have time to clean everything to the standard my landlord wanted. This company saved us and we got our deposit back! Thanks!  
    I want to thank Clean Gutters Company for the all the great cleaning work they've done for me. They have provided me with the necessary support and skill so that my gutters can look its best. The team worked hard to get the job done and made them cleaner than ever. If I need gutter cleaning support again, they will be the first people I call.  
Bill Crane24/09/2015
    I never realized that what seemed like the relatively simple job of cleaning my gutters would turn into the job from hell. I stayed at it but wasn't making any progress, so I called in Clean Gutters Company to finish it off. They were brilliant, knew just what to do and completed everything quickly and to a very high standard.  
    This is a note to express my appreciation towards Guttering Services who have been carrying out gutter cleaning at my organization for nearly three years now. Every year we hand out the contract to this dedicated team of workers because we are impressed with their efficiency and punctuality. I've never had to complain, and that comes as a surprise as usually I am more of a critic. Such an efficient team, great work!  
Paul C.19/08/2015
    I want to say a big thank you to Cleaning Services for their tremendous help with gutter cleaning recently. It is difficult to find a company that does the job properly and can work around your own time frame. They were professional and efficient with modern techniques and equipment. I hire them on a regular basis because it is easier than handling the job myself. I would highly recommend them! On top of all of this, my gutters are ready to be used again within just a few hours after their visit and after them conducting their thorough cleaning service, which makes the whole service highly convenient indeed!  
Elvira N.07/08/2015
    My gutters had to be cleaned because I'd let them get into a bad state. It would have been too much work for me but not for Clean Gutters. They were able to send a few cleaners to my address who saw to all the work. The cleaners removed litter, neatened things up and washed every gutter. I almost didn't recognize my gutters once they had finished because they did such a good job.  
Angela Matthews31/07/2015
    I've used Guttering Services for my gutter cleaning for years because they don't use chemicals. It's really important to me to consider the environment and this is a cleaning company that takes its responsibility very seriously. They use eco-friendly products and don't cause any hazards when they clean. They do a great job at a fantastic price too!  
R. Greaves 14/07/2015
     Clean Gutters Company delivered an incredible gutter cleaning service for me. The cleaners were smart, and thorough. The staff worked fast and didn't stop until the gutters were spotless. Great work and thanks!  
Nicole Sanders03/07/2015
    Clean Gutters impressed me with the gutter cleaning help I received. I inherited my house from my grandmother after she passed away. The building was old and smelly; the hard floors had lost their colour. I thought I would never be able to bring it all back to life on my own. This gutter cleaning company was a one-step solution. I left the house as it was and when I came back I could not recognize it. The house looks so much better now; I was planning to rent it out, but now I have decided to live there myself.  
A. Davies23/06/2015
     CleanGutters has so far been the best for me. I would love to call them up again after what they did to my gutters! They have never looked better. I could not have done such magic myself. If there are other people like me out there with a busy household, they would definitely benefit from this gutter cleaning company. I live in a town of busy people, but we all need a clean home to come back from work to. Ever since their team stepped in, I love coming back home.  
Richard Clark14/06/2015
    I had just moved to a new property and when I arrived was a little shocked to see that the previous tenants hadn't cleaned anywhere at all! I remember seeing London Cleaning Company's vans in the area a few times before and decided to give them a call. Not only did they get my gutter cleaning done really quickly, their price was so cheap! It was great to be able to concentrate on other things while the cleaners got on with it. They were industrious and courteous too and did a fantastic gutter cleaning job throughout my new home.  
Shelley Prior10/06/2015
    I was unsure about hiring a cleaner from Cleaning Company London because I wasn't keen on having a stranger in my home. I thought I would try it at least once to see what it was like and I was quickly reassured. The gutter cleaners I hired were professionals who worked hard and concentrated on the job. They were also friendly and happy to take care of all the jobs I couldn't. I'm happy when my gutter cleaners come to my house now and know they will get the job done. I even let them work when I'm not around.  
Anne Brady25/05/2015
    I struggled to keep on top of my cleaning chores so I sought the help of Clean Gutters. They were able to help me manage things by helping out every now and again. They would give me the extra set of hands to clean my gutters thoroughly. The job is done quickly and my gutters are looking good again thanks to them.  
Joseph Bradley15/05/2015
    I hired London Cleaning Company for gutter cleaning for the house I had rented in town. We had been living here for nearly 4 years and so when we were planning to move out of the house we wondered how we would manage cleaning the entire house. That was when I started ringing a number of cleaning agencies and was quite impressed with the low quote given by this gutter cleaning company. I was a bit anxious about the quality of work because of their affordable rates. But when I saw the end results I was completely speechless. Our estate agents were so happy that they asked us which gutter cleaning agency we had hired. I am sure they will be contacting your company in the near future.  
Sara John07/05/2015
    The gutters in my house looked old and so I was planning to buy new ones. That was when a friend recommended that I tried the gutter cleaning services provided by Guttering Services. I am pleased with the gutter cleaning done by their efficient and hardworking team. They are well organized, reliable and energetic. I appreciated their commitment to work and the hard work they put into the gutter cleaning. My gutters now look as good as new!  
Fredrick C.01/05/2015
    I realized it was time to hire gutter cleaners to give me a helping hand. Clean Gutters was the best choice. I say this because they have done a wonderful job. Thanks to this gutter cleaning agency I am now calm that I won't spend money buying new gutters.  
Jack Miller24/04/2015
    I got tired of doing all the gutter cleaning, so I found reliable cleaners from London Cleaning Company and they were able to help me efficiently. I am eternally grateful. Thank you!  
    Wow! Cleaning Company goes above and beyond when it comes to gutter cleaning. I am a lawyer with such a fast paced schedule and come home late nights. It is great to have found a company that I was able to rely on when it comes to gutter cleaning.  
     Cleaning Company London is able to fix every gutter gleaning problem. They have a team of professional gutter cleaners who use eco cleaning products to make any gutter look as good as new!  
Lillian T.24/03/2015
    My mum and dad are getting old now and I just don't want them to stress about cleaning all the time. At first, mum was completely opposed to getting a gutter cleaner. But after showing her more about Cleaning Company and explaining to her just how affordable their rates are she came around. I think she loves the help now, and having a good old chat to the cleaner is a highlight of her week.  
Alison D.18/03/2015
    When my parents come to stay, I just know I've got to get the place looking neat and tidy. They love to criticize if I don't! So I hire a gutter cleaner from Cleaning Company a few days before they arrive and voila - they look perfect!  
Rose W.06/03/2015
    I clean regularly through the week, but sometimes it just isn't enough. It needs a little something extra. Cleaning Company is the secret I use to bringing my gutters back to life. About every month or six weeks I hire a professional gutter cleaner. They really work wonders with the gutters!  
Harriet P.27/02/2015
    I had a spring gutter cleaning service done on my new house and the results were amazing. As I worked away a lot I never had time to get the extra gutter cleaning jobs sorted. Though, they needed some extra attention. London Cleaning Company solved the problem and did a wonderful job for a really good price. I was so happy that I will certainly use the gutter cleaners again soon.  
John Benson24/02/2015
    I am so happy with what Clean Gutters has been doing for me and my family! Their gutter cleaners are very nice, clearly highly trained and extremely professional. They clean my gutters like their own and are careful to use safe products that are suitable for my children. I recommend them highly to everyone!  
G. Clarke18/02/2015
    I had used cleaning companies before to do my gutters and never been too happy with the work. But after falling and breaking my arm a friend suggested I use Cleaning Company to help. I wasn't sure but decided I needed some extra help so arranged for a gutter cleaning service. I have to say I was very pleased with the staff, the work and how efficient the entire company was. I will certainly be using them again to clean my gutters even when my arm is better!!!  
Mary Mitchell29/01/2015
    I was very happy with the gutter clean I had done. There was a lot of dirt and soil so I decided to leave it to the experts. There was a team of cleaners sent and the work was done quickly and effectively. Cleaning Company did a great job and the gutters were left immaculate. I would suggest anybody needing a reliable cleaning service to give this company a call.  
Mark Sutton23/01/2015
    I didn't think that it was a lot to ask for, but after trying out a few different options for gutter cleaning, I wasn't entirely pleased with the results. That was up until I gave Clean Gutters a call, their services coming highly recommended from a friend. Turns out, my friend was exactly right and compared to all of the other options, these gutter cleaners really were the kind of service I was looking for. High quality and great value, couldn't ask for anything more from them.  
S. Baker07/01/2015
    I am very picky when it comes to letting strangers clean my home. I hired Cleaning Services because I had too much on my plate to deal with and I couldn't pay enough attention to the gutters. But even before the cleaning guy arrived, I knew I wouldn't regret this. Their staff is very friendly and attentive towards your cleaning needs and will even go ahead to offer special services at a discount if you need them. I was so pleased with the way they deep cleaned every nook and corner of my gutters that I will definitely be using their services again.  
    I hate living in a dirty house but when I broke my hip, I was laid down for a few months and the dirt that accumulated around disgusted me. When I finally decided to give a call to CleanGutters, I wasn't expecting much except for a basic gutter cleaning for such low rates. Buy my cleaner surprised me with the end result! The gutters were so clean that even I couldn't have done a better job myself. Thank you so much for such a cleaning job done so professionally well!  
    I was so happy with the recent gutter clean service I booked. My sister had had her gutters cleaned and it looked marvelous so I thought I would use the same firm. Clean Gutters did a wonderful job and made my gutters look so clean and almost like new again. The cleaning staff was very helpful and explained the whole procedure. The rates were very competitive. It has saved me the cost of investing in new ones.  
Christian L.24/11/2014
    Thank you Clean Gutters for being so flexible and efficient! I wasn't sure what level of gutter cleaning service I was going to get for the price, but after hunting around I finally decided to go with yourselves and it's of the best choices I've made recently! The staff you have at the end of the phone are always great, very clued in about the industry and happy to help. Then the cleaners you send along always have a smile and work to fantastic standards. You are now the first company that I recommend to anyone looking for gutter cleaning.  
Pamela J.23/10/2014
    I realized my gutters needed a proper cleaning. As a musician I am on the road a lot and do not get chance to take care of chores like that very often. I gave Clean Gutters a ring and they sent round a couple of people. When I returned from my job out of town I was really pleased by the effort they had made and they did not cost too much either. The gutters look great now and I will use them again for sure!  
    I called up Clean Gutters after seeing them going in and out of my neighbour's house, and my neighbour leaving to say goodbye, looking very happy with the service. I asked him how much they charged and what work they were doing and he told me they were cleaning his gutters. So I asked for a card and called up the next day, and they were here that very same afternoon! I got them to have a look at my gutters, and they were done within an hour. Fast, friendly, efficient, I can't recommend this service enough!  
E. Ronald04/09/2014
    I don't know the secret of how my cleaner gets my gutters so clean, I guess it's just hard work and experience. What I do know is that every time they come home my gutters will be noticeably cleaner. I found it's a bit like when you're in a top-class hotel and you come back to your room after it's been cleaned properly and you can immediately see a difference. I have twice monthly visits from my gutter cleaner at Clean Gutters and I don't know if I could live without these now.  
    We have our gutters cleaned regularly by Clean Gutters and they always make them look incredible. The hope is that they carry on doing such a good job, at such a good price!  
Walter Jenkins31/07/2014
    As my mother gets old, I've decided it's my time to start giving back and taking care of her. I could never clean as well as her which is why I decided that I needed a bit of help from a gutter cleaning company. Being a full time career is a lot of work so I really could do with as much help as I can get. Our cleaner leaves the gutters looking nothing less than radiant every time and it's just such a relief getting help and having less things to do a week. I couldn't be more thankful to Clean Gutters for giving me spotless gutters for making my life that much simpler.  
Sarah Lee16/07/2014
    My gutters were looking a little dirty. I couldn't afford to buy new so though I would try a gutter cleaning service. A friend recommended Clean Gutters and I decided to give them a call and get a quote. I made an appointment, and was told the cleaning company would use environmentally friendly products. The service I received was fantastic. The cleaners did a great job and the results were amazing. I was pleased with the price; it has saved me from replacing them with new ones.  
Judith Walsh12/06/2014
    I was in need of gutter cleaning. My assistant Phil informed me that a company called Clean Gutters was highly recommended. I had nothing to lose by giving them a chance and believe me I was in no way disappointed by their positive approach. I would never have believed that my gutters could look so clean without costing a fortune.  
Peter Alan Davies26/05/2014
    I will happily recommend Clean Gutters to anyone who will listen to me, and that is exactly why I am here in all honesty! I have previously been very stressed by juggling all, the house work with my part time job, and now that I have gone full time, I was relieved to be able to justify getting a cleaner in. These guys are great, and have really changed the way that I do things, in that I never concern myself with cleaning gutters!  
Sharon Anderson14/05/2014
    Finding a really amazing gutter cleaning company is hard, which is why I have bothered writing this! I hope that all reading this, who are looking for an excellent gutter cleaning company will take my advice and at least try out Clean Gutters. This lot are hard working, loyal and extremely good value for money! Given how quick they get the job done, it is crazy how low their hourly rates are, but I'm not complaining, and I doubt you will be if you try them out, so get in touch now!  
Edith W.29/04/2014
    What a great service and such friendly staff! From the moment I called I knew I had made the right decision as everybody that I spoke to on the phone were so polite and friendly I was only too happy to book them for a gutter clean. It was getting close to Christmas and I kept putting off the gutter clean until I realized that I simply didn't have time. Clean Gutters booked a clear to come and pay us a visit and the results were incredible. A gutter clean that was better than anything we could have managed.  
David M.08/04/2014
    I heard many great things about Clean Gutters so thought that I should give them a try. I didn't think there would be much of a difference since my gutters were rather old. However, I was ever so pleased to see how clean they got them. All those dirt I mentioned - gone! All of this in just a matter of hours!  
Natasha C.27/03/2014
    Knowing full well that I am in a position where a lot lies on my keeping sane, I would like to thank Clean Gutters for providing me with the support I need to keep everything in order! No, they are not psychotherapists, but I find them much more useful than that... A gutter cleaning service has meant that I am able to concentrate both on work and family life, whilst ensuring that I'm not too stressed about the condition of the place I live in. Every weekend, they come and clean the gutters which is an absolute joy!  
Velma Lawson05/03/2014
    I hired Clean Gutters because I needed gutter cleaning. I had tried to do it myself in the past but only damaged my fine gutters. The staff at Clean Gutters provide a great gutter cleaning service. They know just how to clean the gutters. They are hard working and knowledgeable. I wouldn't choose a different company for my cleaning needs. They are versatile and their prices are affordable. I surely recommend Clean Gutters for your gutter cleaning needs.  
Rachel Cox18/02/2014
    Clean Gutters is a fantastic gutter cleaning company and I really can't imagine ever using a different cleaning company or going back to doing my own cleaning! This is a great service for anyone who can't keep on top of their gutter cleaning and I'm really glad I hired them! I am now a huge fan of this company and I recommend them to everyone I know. This is the most affordable and thorough cleaning service I've ever come across and I'm so happy with how they've helped me with all of my needs. A truly great service - thanks so much!  
    I wanted a gutter cleaner and I'd read some good things about Clean Gutters so I gave them a call. The service I received was fast, polite and effective, and my gutters looked so amazingly clean! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't find a flaw in the gutter cleaning service. Even the prices aren't something to complain about. This is truly one of the most fantastic gutter cleaning companies I've ever used, and the staff are all obviously very keen and well-trained! Thoroughly recommend this service to anyone!  
    When my friend recommended Clean Gutters to help me with my gutter cleaning, I replied ‘I can't afford that'. I hadn't realized how much times have changed! I now rely on my weekly gutter clean from Clean Gutters to keep my gutters in good order, and in good order it stays! The best thing is it doesn't cost anywhere near what I thought it would. Clean Gutters is always friendly and my gutters look so much nicer now they take care of the chores! I couldn't recommend more, and I am eternally grateful to my friend for the tip off!  
Mrs Beasley29/11/2013
    Clean Gutters are brilliant. They have been doing my gutter cleaning for a while and I have never found them to be anything but incredible at what they do. Knowing that you have a group of staff who are always on hand to ensure that your gutters look amazing is a real life changer, as it means no stress after work at having to clean gutters. I could not live without having a gutter cleaner, and it helps that this lot are the best that I have ever used before!  
K. Caterson19/11/2013
    I hope that Clean Gutters get a load of business off of the back of my review on here, because they really do deserve it. The team are really nice people, and easy to deal with over the phone, which makes my life a lot more simple. They also do a great job every time I need my gutters to be cleaned, and it is often done way before I expect them to be finished. Having a service like that is rare, and I have had gutter cleaners who are not as calm and friendly, and others who are way less efficient!  
Graham Sheppard09/11/2013
    My job doesn't afford me any time to myself and I could just see the everything at home getting messier and messier and messier. It finally got too much and I turned to Clean Gutters. That makes it sound like an act of desperation, but it might well have been the best decision I ever made. It's choices like these which really make you happy. Life-savers. My gutters are so clean now! It lets me take more time for work and more time for myself and I've stopped worrying so much. They make my life easier.  
F. Finch30/10/2013
    You think you know how to clean your gutters, then some guys like Clean Gutters come along and show you that you really know nothing at all. I needed a gutter cleaning really quickly, but didn't have the time. I asked around and the name which popped up a few times was Clean Gutters. Well, not only did I call them the once, they've become a regular fixture of my life. I value my time and I value my cleanliness. This company provide both in one simple package. Give them a call now.  
Alex Moore16/10/2013
    I had always enjoyed keeping my home clean but over time I found less and less time to do it. I was busy with my family and my job, so I called Clean Gutters in the hopes of getting some help. Their staff ran through everything for me so I could get a great deal when they gave me a free quote. I hired staff to come to my home and to glean the gutters thoroughly once a week and they do a better job than I ever had. I may miss doing my own gutter cleaning but the spare time and high quality I receive from Clean Gutters more than makes up for it.  
L. Hardy26/09/2013
    In every aspect, CleanGutters provided the perfect service. From the moment I called, they were helping me by answering my questions and giving me information. I hired their services at a good deal and they were at my address in no time. Their staff were friendly and cooperative so I felt they were approachable and wanting to truly help. They had everything they needed to get the job done so I didn't need or provide anything. They didn't stop until the job was done, so I was left thoroughly impressed by their services.  
    I couldn't remember the last time my gutters were clean so I figured it was time to call in some back up. carpet cleaning were eventually who I went with and I know I made the right choice. They were able to give me what I needed, sending as many people at the times I required. They worked hard until my gutters were spotless and they made certain that everything was in its right place. My gutters look great now and I know it couldn't be this way if they hadn't got involved.  
Malcolm T05/09/2013
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