Cleaning for Offices and Businesses 19 January 2015

Lots of offices and corporate businesses will hire professional cleaning companies these days to take care of the cleaning duties at work but this depends on the size of the company. Smaller companies may prefer to get the staff to help out with cleaning tasks because it saves business costs and is more cost effective, whereas the larger ones (who also have much larger premises) usually find it better for business to keep cleaning duties a separate task for staff and therefore hire in a third party to take care of it.

Importance of office cleaning

What is important is that the cleaning of the office or business is done regularly, it makes for better practice and it keeps staff happy. A cleaner environment increases staff moral, they feel more comfortable and they tend to work better, being organised and tidy is also as important as being clean.

What if works do not keep up with the cleaning?

If the cleaning at work is never done or not done regularly, the workplace becomes messy, untidy and disrupted. The staff cannot be expected to work at their absolute best in this kind of environment and this will have an impact on the company eventually.

A cleaner workplace can also reduce business cost, things such as carpet cleaning, furniture repairing and general maintenance jobs will ensure that things look better and stay better for longer reducing the need to buy new, and if the office is particular large, replacing a dirty old carpet because it was never cleaned can be very expensive!

So what should we do and how often should we do it?

If you run a very large business with a lot of office floor space then its advised that a professional cleaning is hired regularly, either daily or a couple of times a week. Most companies prefer the cleaners to work either early (start of the day before staff arrive) or in the evening, when staff are leaving work. Some particularly larger companies may even hire cleaners to come mornings and afternoons so it depends on the company and what is required?

The tasks that are usually attended to are things such as dusting, cleaning desks, tidying, picking up litter and stationary off the floor, vacuuming, mopping, emptying bins, wiping spills, polishing etc and most of these jobs are enough to keep the office looking smart and tidy.

Anything extra we should be doing?

Occasionally other jobs are addresses such as carpet cleaning, floor buffing and window cleaning.

Again these extra jobs do not have to be done all the time but every once in a while is a great way of keeping the condition of the office, looking its absolute best.
Carpet cleaning will ensure carpets are kept nice and fresh and clean, the office will smell better and the whole appearance of the office will look great for visitors as well as feel great for staff.

Floor buffing is important because it helps to protect the floor as well as offer it some added shine. Remember lots of traffic will cross the floor space on a daily basis so keeping it nice and protected is very important if you want it to last longer.

Window washing is vital; nobody wants to visit an office with dirty windows as it gives a bad impression of the company and makes the whole office appear dull. Also staff at work are cooped up inside the office for many hours a day at least allow them to look outside, can you imagine how claustrophobic it would feel if you could not look out?

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