How to Handle After Builders Cleaning 19 January 2015

Have you just had work done in your home? Are you pleased with your renovations, but hate the mess you’ve been left with? Do you want builders cleaning tips that will restore your home to its usual state of cleanliness? Stop worrying about your domestic cleaning and have a look at the following tips to help you with your building cleaning!

1)    Get the right equipment.
You’re going to need a few items if you want to thoroughly clean and dispose of your builders waste. Collect together refuse sacks, a stiff-bristled broom, gardening gloves and something to transport your debris, such as a wheelbarrow. If you have a large area to clean and clear then you might want to think about hiring a skip, so that you can properly dispose of your waste without needing to worry.

2)    Clearing larger items.
Once you have the items that you need you can get started. Begin by removing larger items from the area you’re clearing. This could be anything from bricks and rubble to old furniture that you want to dispose of. If it’s rubble and rock that you’re dealing with, or wood that has splintered, make sure to wear a thick pair of gloves, such as gardening gloves. These will help to protect your hands, and keep you safe from unwanted injuries. Take your larger rubbish items and collect them in your wheelbarrow. Once full, this can either be emptied into your rented skip, or sorted into refuse bags for later disposal.

3)    Getting rid of debris.
Now that the larger junk from your home has been removed you can deal with the dust and other smaller bits of debris. Begin by sweeping the area with a stiff-bristled brush. Sweep all of the debris into a pile and sort this into a refuse bag. Once this is done, use a mop and soapy water to clean your floor if you’re inside your home, or use a hose to rinse away dirt if you’re working in your garden. If you’re inside your home, wait until your floors are dry before vacuuming for the best results.

4)    Disposing of your waste and junk.
If you haven’t hired a skip then you’re probably now going to have a lot of refuse bags and sacks to dispose of! These can be gotten rid of at your local tip, so take the time to drive down to get rid of them properly. It’s not advisable to throw these bags into your regular rubbish bin, as this isn’t domestic waste, and needs to be disposed of properly. Some clearance companies might be able to help you, so if you can’t travel to a  tip, try getting in touch with a clearance company in your area to see if they can help you.

5)    Hiring a professional cleaning company.
An after-builders clean can be a long and difficult task, and if you haven’t got the time or the energy then you could always hire a professional cleaning agency. Domestic cleaning services such as builders waste cleaning services are going to be available from your local cleaning contractors, so it’s worth getting in touch with cleaning companies in your area. Make sure that you’re hiring a reliable company by looking for customer reviews online, and ensure that your chosen company will get rid of any waste in an ethical and environmentally-friendly way!

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