Keeping Your House in Clapham Clean if You Have Pets Inside 24Oct 2014

If you’re amongst the collection of people in Clapham who believe that a house isn’t a home without a furry four-legged friend inside, then you’ll appreciate these tips on keeping a pet friendly home welcomingly clean for your human friends. There is no reason that pets and humans can’t coexist in a clean and tidy manner – it just involves a bit of ongoing maintenance so that you don’t end up living in a giant fur ball. With these simple and manageable tips, you’ll find that living with your pet inside is easier than you first thought.

Pet hair may be the biggest issue when it comes to keeping a pet friendly home clean. There are many methods to get rid of excess fur from your pet shedding and it really comes down to personal preference. You may like to consider using a dustpan or hand-hand vacuum.

Choosing a dog breed that doesn’t shed at all, like a labradoodle, schnauzer or groodle (golden retriever cross with a poodle) will obviously reduce the likeliness of finding fur anywhere. Other breeds such as huskies, Labradors or Border Collies, will shed in excess once or twice a year. Long-haired cats are also likely to shed and leave fur on furniture when they press up against something to mark their scent.

Regularly grooming a dog or cat or any other pet with fur will reduce the risk of shedding, and brushing their fur once to twice a week is recommended.

Cats and dogs and other furry friends will probably want to go outside as well as inside. To prevent them from bringing muddy paw prints through your house in the SW11 region, it is a wise idea to keep a towel near the front and/or back door, and lay a mat down beneath their pet-door to collect the dirt. Wiping their paws clean will only take a few minutes, but will save valuable time in the long run when you avoid dirt trailing all through the house.

If your pet has a little bladder issue and leaves a little tinkle behind, it is best to attend to any urine stain immediately. In particular, canine urine can leave permanent stains on carpet. Using paper towel, blot the stain and absorb excess moisture with a clean cloth. Make up a mixture of one cup lukewarm water with a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and blot the stain again, using a clean cloth. Repeat this process until the stain is gone, and dab some air freshener or deodoriser in the area to prevent a prolonged scent.

The dining area for humans can get messy, and pets are no exception. Keep your cat or dog feeding area tidy and organised by placing the bowl on a placemat. This way if any food, particularly canned or tinned food, spills while the pet is eating the placemat will catch the spill. Clean the placemat and the food bowl regularly to avoid any nasty smells or food build up. This will also keep your pet healthy and hygienic.

If you’re an animal lover at heart, the task of pet proofing your home in Clapham, SW4 won’t seem daunting at all. A few extra steps will mean the world of happiness to your furry friend. Remember, pets live only short lives, and they spend the majority of it waiting to please their human companions. A happy pet will increase your own happiness ten-fold, and this happiness can coexist in a clean and tidy home.

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