Simple Steps To Make Your Bathroom in Richmond Sparkle 08Jan 2014

Bathrooms are probably the most dreaded room to clean, but just like all of the other rooms in your home in Richmond, it needs to be done; the more regularly the better. If you want to avoid the terrible smell, you should aim to clean it at least once a week to keep everything at bay.

•    General tidying. When you start tidying the bathroom in your home in Richmond, TW9, you want to clear everything out of it first. Collect all of the towels, shower mats and floor mats and give them a wash so they are fresh and ready to replace. Take any loose items such as toothbrush holders, vanity items and soap dispensers to clean and move out of the way so you can get to every part of the bathroom. Once everything is out of the way, clean all of the surfaces and cabinets with all-purpose surface cleaner working from high to low. If you see any areas that seem like they need a lot of elbow grease to get rid of, you can spray on surface cleaner before you get around to cleaning it to soak and make it easier to lift off.

•    Sink. The best thing you can do is clean the sink every time you use it. This stops any build up and makes the job a lot easier when you come to give your whole bathroom a clean out. This stops any toothpaste from hardening and setting and keeping lime scale at bay. When you come to clean the sink, you can use surface cleaners or special bathroom sprays and a regular cleaning sponge to wipe it down with. Use luke warm water to wash it away and rinse out the sponge to wipe away any extra solution. Don’t forget to clean the plug, plug hole and the taps. You can even use an old toothbrush to get into the difficult parts better.

•    Bath and shower. If you have a shower curtain, you should have it washed before you start cleaning the shower or bath in your home in Richmond. You should also remove any product bottles like shampoo and body wash. For baths, use bathroom cleaner and a sponge to clean it just like you would a sink, not forgetting all of the small parts. If your tub hasn’t been cleaned for a while, you can fill the tub with warm water and washing powder to be left for a few hours before you clean it in the usual way to help lift any dirt. For showers, you can use the same cleaner as the rest of the bathroom and a sponge to clean the floor, tiles and into all of the corners. Leave to soak for a while and then rinse off with warm water.

•    Toilet. With the toilet, you can coat the bowl in bleach while you clean the rest of the bathroom in your house in the TW10 region and then scrub it with a toilet brush. There are many toilet brushes you can get ranging from the original brushes to the disposable ones. Use bathroom cleaner to clean the seat, outer rim and the flush handle and wipe off with a sponge rinsed with warm water.

Once you have cleaned everything inside the bathroom, you can clean the floor depending on what kind of surface it is, you can hoover, sweep or mop. After this, replace all of the items you previously took out of the bathroom and put the clean towels, mats and curtains back where they belong. Any mirrors or if you have a glass screen in your shower can be cleaned last with window cleaner and a cloth. Once you’ve done all of this, I’m pleased to tell you that your bathroom should be sparkling.

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