Top Tips For Cleaning Up In Hammersmith After The Builders Leave 28Jul 2015

It’s always difficult when you have the builders in, your lie-ins get ruined by the sound of drills and hammers, there’s the constant sound of 80s power ballad themed radio stations drifting through your house in Hammersmith, often accompanied by singing that is not the most tuneful, and your tea supply disappears at an inconceivable rate. But finally, they are finished, your house in W6 is quiet, and you can relax and enjoy your new kitchen in all of its glory. Or you could, if it wasn’t for the mess. Many builders are courteous enough to clean up after themselves, but when you get those that aren’t, what do you do?

Plaster dust can be lethal to vacuum cleaners, here are some simple tips to try and save your hoover and your sanity.

1. If you can, cover all surfaces before the builders arrive to minimise the damage.

2. If there is plaster dust around your house in Hammersmith, be very careful how you clean it up, hovering up plaster and plaster dust would be the last job for the majority of vacuum cleaners.

3. Try and sweep up as much of the dust as you can, get yourself into every corner and every unseen space and try and remove every speck of dust. If the dust is in a carpeted room, do what you can to sweep the dust into an area with hard floors to make collection of the dust easier for you.

4. Get some rags, torn pieces of old sheets or discarded clothes would do the job fine, and dampen them. As you scrub the floor the dampness should cause large amounts of the dust to stick to the material.

5. Keep your doors and windows open as much as possible, when scrubbing and cleaning dust, a percentage of that will get into the air, ventilate your house well at all possible times to subdue this problem quickly.

6. Check the air filters in your house in W14, as much as they help with ventilation, if they are full of dust they will only be adding to the problem.

7. Don’t just dust horizontal surfaces, dust will get everywhere and dusting doors and walls is just as important.

8. A moistened cloth or towel on a broom handle is a useful makeshift tool for cleaning ceilings and high corners, you may need to tape the cloth in place.

9. Make mopping the last step, it is so easy to wipe dust into unseen cracks in hardwood floors, dust and hoover all hard surfaces before mopping.

10. If all else has failed with your carpets, put some consideration into buying a relatively cheap vacuum cleaner from somewhere to hoover up the plaster dust in one, sole, valiant action. It may seem like a waste of money, but a decent hoover for the job can be purchased for a low price, and when compared to the price of professional cleaners in Hammersmith it might be worth it for you.

These tips should help you return you house in W6 to its former glory and allow you to enjoy the positive results of the building work you have had done. However, if these tricks do not work for the level of mess, then you may have to rely on a professional cleaning company to come in and save the day for you.  Plaster dust and other mess left by builders can stay around the house for months, being walked into carpets, dragged onto furniture and generally being a nuisance. The price and complications of replacing all your carpets and upholstery is a far too severe solution, so if the mess is too much to be cleared out by mere mortals, it may be time to call in the professionals.

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