Approach Rug Cleaning in Balham In The Right Way 13Mar 2015

A beautiful rug or carpet can be a fantastic addition to your home in Balham. Often, expensive and highly detailed with intricate designs, a gorgeous looking rug can make a brilliant addition to any room in your house. However, unless you only plan on getting them out on the odd special occasion, carpets and rugs get trodden on by feet, pets, shoes and plenty of other things that will over time, contribute to its dishevelled appearance. It’s therefore essential that you clean your carpets regularly in order to maintain your carpets’ unique and attractive qualities.

1.    How to remove hardened stains.
If you notice any hardened stains when carpet cleaning, such as gum or hardened bits of food, it’s very tempting to just start hacking away at the area and trying to pick it off straight away.  But try and restrain yourself from doing so, because if you do this, there’s a good chance that you’ll rip out a load of carpet fibres in the process – a situation that can’t really be undone. Simply harden the stain further by putting a bowl of ice cubes directly on top of it. Then gently pry off the stain bit by bit, and you should have a clean and stain-free carpet.

2.    Get out your vacuum cleaner.
For a quick, efficient clean in Balham, SW12, and just to generally spruce up the appearance of your carpets, give them the once over with your vacuum cleaner. To achieve some great results, firstly take your carpet outside and give it a good old thump. You can use this technique as a means of taking out your frustrations of having to house clean, but it will also dislodge any dirt and dust from deep within the carpet fibres, making them easier to clean and giving you better results when you get round to vacuuming. During your home cleaning, don’t forget to vacuum the back of your rug because you’ll be surprised at the amount of dirt that finds its way on the underside of your rugs and carpets.

3.    For house cleaning, everyday household products will work a treat!
Raid your store cupboard and use some baking soda to eliminate any unpleasant odours emitted from your carpet. Simply sprinkle the baking soda onto the affected area, leave for a few hours, then vacuum up for fantastic results.

4.    Don’t clean tassels.
When you’re cleaning your rugs and carpets, it’s a good idea to tuck away any tassels or frilly bits out of sight. Tuck them under your carpet as you vacuum because you certainly don’t want them to become frayed or even worse, ripped off as you go about your carpet cleaning.

5.    Use powder cleaners and try to avoid carpet shampoos and creams.
Whenever you’re buying any products to use on your carpets in the SW11 area, it’s imperative that you know exactly what material your carpet is made out of, because if you use the wrong product, you could have a disaster on your hands. Powders are always a much better choice than using carpet shampoos, because you can avoid having to wait for any drying time and they’re less likely to cause any discolouration to your carpet fibres. Whatever product you buy, don’t be tempted to just use it on the affected area straight away. Make sure you test it on a separate area first so that you can be sure that colour won’t run and ruin your carpet for good.

6.    Tried everything but without success? Call up a cleaning company.
Instead of just letting your carpet deteriorate and admit defeat, get some help and book the cleaning services of your local Balham cleaning agency.

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